Who We Are

Halten Management Services got established in 2000 and the team is led by its founder George Jaeggi. 

With his background in finance and operational management, he established himself in helping business owners to evaluate their business model and help them assess the possibilities of source or transfer business into low cost areas such as China. He has served as Controller for a Magna division and for over 14 years led a mid-size manufacturing company as president and CEO. He has established entities in China as Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises (WFOE), Equity Joint Ventures (EJV) and Contractual Joint Ventures (CJV) and he has also established Representation Offices (RO) for Sales and Engineering.


George has a network of independent professionals who come from a wide range of backgrounds and education. In China he is represented by long-time business associates who co-ordinate all China business dealings together with a competent group of process and quality engineers. He relies on this diversity, using them as required, to find the best solution for making your ideas successful. 

Halten Management Services        647-295-9515