You may have many ideas and we will figure out an independent "pro and con" scenario for you. You are the expert for your business, but we are your independent conscience. No need to worry, we are professionals and tell you how we see it and offer you options and support.
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Accounting and Profitability Studies

Let us perform an Activity Based Costing (ABC) analysis of your product line. This will tell you for certain which products make you the money and which products drag you down. This will help you in your decision if you want to move some of your products to a low cost country like China.

Business Plans

Now let's tell your banker or investor how you will perform in the future. You have a goal and we can help you achieve the necessary steps and explain it in a simplified manner that everybody can understand.


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If after the initial "Quick Screening" we feel that we cannot save you any money, we will tell you and no charges will be forthcoming to you.

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